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Hi I'm Nancy Queen and I founded NobleKnits because of my passion for knitting and crocheting. After writing several books and designing kits for QVC, I opened NobleKnits.com to curate the best that knitting has to offer. Join me in creating a fun and vibrant knitting community so that we can chat, share, and talk knitting all the time!

Why You Should Join

You'll get instant access to knitting quizzes and polls, free patterns, knitting tips, step-by step knitting classes, and lots of knitting news. You'll also receive product and yarn reviews as well as meet lots of knitters from near and far. Swap knitting stories, experiences, and ideas. Meet more experienced knitters who can help with your knitting questions, too.

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A Big Thanks

For more than eighteen years NobleKnits has been proud to provide you with fast, fun knitting and crochet projects geared to helping your improve and enjoy your hobby. Thank you so much for being a part of that! 

Now I'd love for you to join a community of like minded individuals creating and knitting together.

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